FTP in .Net

Doing FTP in .Net is not as hard as you may imagine. There is a very simple way and a bit advanced way. Simple way is using System.Net.WebClient class    and its UploadFile method. Advanced way includes using System.Net.FtpWebRequest and System.Net.FtpWebResponse classes. Using them you can do ordinary FTP operations like ListDirectory, UploadFile, DeleteFile, etc. For … ادامه خواندن مطلب “FTP in .Net”

‫تبدیل به استرینگ در C#‎

اگر شما هم تا حالا برای ساخت یک استرینگ از استرینگ و عدد در C#‎ از روشی مثل string str = “old” + (2+2).ToString()‎ استفاده می‌کردید، یعنی خودتان زحمت ToString()‎ را می‌کشیدید، دیگر این زحمت را نکشید. چون قانون String Concatenation در C#‎، شرح داده شده در بخش ۷.۸.۴ مشخصات زبانی C#‎، طوری است که … ادامه خواندن مطلب “‫تبدیل به استرینگ در C#‎”

How to add parameter to Build process parameters?

If you have added some new Activity or CodeActivity to your build process template but you don’t want to edit template process each time you want modify properties of Activity or CodeActivity, you must add that parameter to “Build process parameters” list of your desired build definition. By doing this, there is no need to … ادامه خواندن مطلب “How to add parameter to Build process parameters?”

Custom workflow activity’s problem with Visual Studio designer

After reading Jim Lamb’s guide for creating a custom workflow activity for TFS Build 2010, I created a project to create my own custom workflow activity too, by following Jim’s guides line by line. At the end, despite my correct custom activity, when I tried to use that in a typical template process by dragging … ادامه خواندن مطلب “Custom workflow activity’s problem with Visual Studio designer”

log4net: logging NHibernate and my own domain

I was used to use entlib for logging. But as I’m in favour of open source and because I am using NHibernate and Castle ActiveRecord in my applications, decided to use log4net instead. So found a good article about it, and enabled it for my application. But the problem was a very huge log file … ادامه خواندن مطلب “log4net: logging NHibernate and my own domain”

Customizing build process in TFS 2010

If you ever has need to customize build process in Team Foundation Build 2010, you may noticed that there is several ways to do it while each way is suitable for a specific range of requirements: 1. Running external tools like batch files or ftp.exe or MSBuild Community Tasks via InvokeProcess or via MSBuild Activity. … ادامه خواندن مطلب “Customizing build process in TFS 2010”

Confusing problem with log4net

I’m using log4net for logging in my ASP.NET application. This web site is based on .Net framework 3.5 and is installed on IIS 7.5 and Windows Server 2008 R2 in a 64 bit machine. Logging was working greatly when I was running application from Visual Studio 2010’s internal web server, but was not working at … ادامه خواندن مطلب “Confusing problem with log4net”

نرم‌افزارهای آزاد و متن‌باز

دوستی می‌خواست چیزهایی راجع به نرم‌افزارهای آزاد، متن‌باز، تفاوت‌ها و دیگر مسائل بداند. این متن جوابی است به ایشان. متن‌باز بودن نرم‌افزار به چه معنی است؟ تا آنجا که من می‌دانم هر نرم‌افزاری می‌تواند متن‌باز هم باشد. مثلاً یک نرم‌افزار پولی یا مجانی یا آزاد یا غیر آزاد می‌تواند متن‌باز هم باشد یا نباشد. دلیل … ادامه خواندن مطلب “نرم‌افزارهای آزاد و متن‌باز”

Unlocking TFS Version Control items

We have a Visual Studio solution that uses some external assemblies coming from third parties. This solution resides in TFS 2010 version control. We have configured Team Foundation Build to do automatic builds of the solution. As you know you should put any external assemblies in TFS Version Control to do a proper build without … ادامه خواندن مطلب “Unlocking TFS Version Control items”

Each TPC needs a separate Build Controller

If you are going to start using TFS 2010 please be aware that each TPC (Team Project Collection) needs a separate Build Controller. For those who are intended to use TFS 2010 as their ALM engine, TFS 2010 can contain several TPCs. Each TPC can contain several Team Projects. Each Team Project is a regular … ادامه خواندن مطلب “Each TPC needs a separate Build Controller”