About me

I am Afshar Mohebbi, a software developer. I have been developing commercial softwares since 2002 starting with Delphi for 3 years and then continued with Microsoft .Net for next 10 years. Most of softwares that I develop are web applications and many of them are custom software that are developed based on requirements of specific clients.

Recently I have experienced some entrepreneurship and startups. Also I’m trying to try none Microsoft technologies like Ubuntu, Ruby and Node.js. At the final I’m a fun of overseas and outsourcing software developments as I live in Tehran, Iran.

Find more about me at LinkedIn, TwitterGithub and StackOverflow.

I write in some technical blogs too. weblog.afsharm.com a technical blog about software development, blog.afsharm.com, my Persian blog about software development and life and www.paysa.ir/articles, a series of articles about IT, internet and software also in Persian.

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