Tools for generating Castle ActiveRecord classes from database

I was searching for tools that generate Castle ActiveRecord domain classes from databases tables and here is my list of findings:

1. ActiveWriter:
Is a visual tools that you can draw your class diagrams with it. It has versions for VS 2005 and VS 2008 but I’m not sure about VS 2010.

2. My Generation:
A general and popular tool for generating any code from database tables. This template based tool generates code of NHiberante, EF, UI, Castle ActiveRecord and etc. Additional info: link.

3. Active-Record-Gen:
Generates ActiveRecord classes from database.

4. The Darkside:
Generates classes from database and from EDMX files. Additional info: link.

5. GeneratorStudio:
Generates code from database.

6. The AgilityForORMs Castle ActiveRecord code generator:
Generates code from database.