‭Localizing OTRS into Persian (Farsi)

‭‭Mawlānā Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Balkhī

OTRS core framework has been previously translated into Persian (Farsi) by Hooman Mesgari and Amir Shams Parsa. It was even enabled to work bi-directional (RTL, LTR) by some other people. This translation worked well but at this time needed to be updated. There is about 1600 entries in "fa.pm" (June 2009, v2.3.4) that about 130 entries were new and has not been translated into Persian (Farsi) yet. In addition to OTRS core framework itself, there exists several modules that should be translated including ITSM and FAQ modules.

In order to complete/update this translations, I as a 2 year OTRS user decided to translate/update OTRS core framework and its modules. I used translation files that I have downloaded from CVS at 2009, 21 June. And now list of works I have done:

OTRS core framework (fa.pm):

  • ~130 new entries (there is ~1600 entries totally)
  • ~15 translation corrections related to words "stat", "role", and "lock"
  • 2 correction of Persian letter "ARABIC LETTER FARSI YEH", U+06CC
  • ~130 correction of ZWNJ character mostly in words that include HA (ها)
  • ~25 correction of Persian (Farsi) numeric characters like "۰۱۲۳۴۵۶۷۸۹"

Modules translated to Persian (Farsi):

  1. fa.pm
  2. fa_GeneralCatalog.pm
  3. fa_ImportExport.pm
  4. fa_ITSMConfigItem.pm
  5. fa_ITSMCore.pm
  6. fa_ITSMLocation.pm
  7. fa_ITSMService.pm
  8. fa_ITSMTicket.pm
  9. fa_FAQ.pm


  1. All module translations are based on German versions.
  2. My primary translations could be found here.
  3. I have sent back these translations to internationalization mailing list and don’t know when they will check-in them to CVS.
  4. If anyone find any wrong translation, please let me know.
  5. I have done this with the help of my friend Masoud Ramezani
  6. I used FARDIS project to do some tasks in this process.
  7. CVS address of above modules are based on Farsi versions. So if they don’t work, please replace "fa" with "de" or "en" in their URLs.